Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hello, My Name is Bentley.......

Yes, my name is Bentley, I lived in a nice house. But one day I was taken to this strange place, put inside a cage. That was the last I saw of my family.

The cat in the cage next to mine, told me his family had moved and not taken him with them. I wonder if that is what happened to me.

I was taken to another building where they said I would be tutored, or did they say neutered. Then I was taken back to my cage. Where I sat for a long time. Some of the cats found families, others that stayed too long moved back from the cage door, moving further and further away from being friendly.

Then one day a man looked into my cage. He smiled, he seemed nice so I tried to play with him.  Then a lady joined him and looked at me and said, "Hi Snowball."

I meowed and said, "My name is Bentley! "

My friend in the next cage said to act nice and maybe they will take you home. Well being nice was
easy because I am nice.

I am going with them!

Not sure how things will work out, so come back to see more posts.

Bentley 11/ 18 / 2014