Friday, January 23, 2009

Deroit International Auto Show

This morning I went to the Detroit Auto Show, I haven't been there in years. There is far more bling now, and more cars. Of course it is larger, there are more car companies. I went with DH, he won tickets to the show and a chance to test drive a hybrid car.

Riding with him in the Ford hybrid was very interesting. There is no noise, you don't know if the car is on or not. It was fun going around the test track. It was also a trip being let in ahead of the crowd to try out the car.

Going from our house to Cobo Hall was a simple matter, however Map Quest had us turning here, getting off onto another expressway, turning and turning, and turning again. We puzzled over the directions, then decided to follow the signs to the Auto Show. I grew up in Detroit, but had to figure out once downtown how to find a parking lot.

Cobo Hall was crowded, but with the 11% unenployment in Michigan I am sure the crowds were down.