Friday, November 4, 2011

Fallen On Hard Times

When I was a teenager, Big Boy's was the place to go on date night. I remember ordering from our car and the carhops who brought your food. Usually, a Big Boy sandwich, onion rings and a coke. Our local Big Boy's closed. We didn't even notice they were closed until they took down the sign and the Big Boy statue was gone.

It was rumored that it was due to failure to pay their taxes. More likely they are just collateral damage caused by the recession.

An article in the paper last week said that Big Boy and Denny type restaurants, classified as Family Restaurants are having a hard time, they are aging businesses with an aging customer base.  Places like Applebee's, T.G.I. Friday, and Max and Erma's the next tier up who run specials and serve alcohol are taking their lunch customers.

The flagship Big Boy's on Hall Road in Clinton Township revamped their menu and redid the interior. The colors are brighter, the over head windows are gone, they added a wide screen TV, and they have cute glass cups for coffee and hot drinks. Unfortunately, revamping is costly and will franchise stores be able to afford to do it?