Saturday, September 11, 2010

September Boat Trips!

I had the chance to do an autumn lighthouse tour on Lake Michigan and the next day Lake Huron. Sounded good when we booked the tour in early summer. Unfortunately the weather turned cold and windy. Our trip on Lake Michigan was canceled. On Thursday the weather improved and the boat left Mackinaw City heading first to Mackinac Island and then out to Lake Huron. It was fun while the boat was going slow around Round Island Light, pictured above. When the boat got going out in Lake Huron it was bitter cold.

I have never used the hood on my jacket before, I had to pull it up over my hat and tied it on to keep the wind out of my ears. All and all, the trip was great. Our last day in Mackinaw City was my birthday, we got a chance to see the old fort and go out to an old mill. We celebrated later at an Irish Pub.

Cathy Sept. 10, 2010