Sunday, February 14, 2010

Photo Card Contest

It was a slow day in my studio, started out learning more about adding text to an image and ended up with content. I have never understood content and I am not sure if learned anything
about it I can use in the future.

So I made up about a dozen ideas for cards. Kept 6 with my winter image and one for V-Day which I will use next year.

Here is the contest part, rather than add all 6 cards to my blog I posted them on Flickr. Please go to my Flickr Photostream and see which one you like the best. Post the one you like the best here on my blog, everyone who posts will be added to virtual hat and in two weeks the winner will be notified and I will send them one of the cards. I have not seen these cards printed yet so I don't have a favorite yet.

Sorry! My Bad! Pick the letter on one of the top 6 images, that you think would make the best card on my Flickr page.

Cathy 2/ 15 / 10