Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hamlet Thanks You!

Thank You for voting for Hamlet my Birthday Cat. He took 5th place out of so many lovely cards.

Thank You!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men, Or Is It Mice & Cats?

Road coming out of Spearfish Canyon, near Deadwood Gulch

I have been sick and had a lot of time when I wasn't trying to keep ahead of the rain on I-90, to think about vacation mess-ups.

What is the worst thing that can mess a trip up, here are several.

#1 - Car accident! Fortunately, I have had car trouble, but never an accident.

#2 - Inclement weather! This trip was the strangest! It rained in Topeka, Rapid City, Sioux Falls, and La Crosse. Not to mention the hail storm leaving Spearfish Canyon. It was so thick it looked like snow on the roadway. See photo above.

#3 - Kenny Rogers! Now you are wondering why he could mess up a trip. Well, he was going to be somewhere near Pleasant Prairie, WS. So we couldn't get a room, so we moved on to Michigan City, IN. Which took us through Chicago, and a terrible grid lock due to an accident at I-94 & I-57. A normal trip of an hour and a half turned into a long drawn out evening. We got into Michigan City after 8 PM, we had started out at 4:30.

#4 - Sickness! Sickness isn't a stranger to DH and I. But this is first time we were both sick at the same time. DH was so sick he couldn't drive, but wanted to get home and see his own doctor. So I drove some long days crossing South Dakota and Minnesota.

We are both still recuperating, so we had to cancel our first show of the summer.

Cathy 6 25, 2009