Saturday, February 21, 2009


I've been tagged. Cool! So here goes!

1 - I 'm an accountant by profession, a bean counter. About as far as you can get from Photography. I found being an accountant for a big chain department store very interesting.
I love working with figures. I love all the stats and analytics, views, hearts to sales ratio, if there is one related to online shops.

2 - I became a widow at a young age. And was single until I met Ken about 15 years ago. We found we had a lot of the same interests, photography, travel and having a good time. Looking forward to the adventure of a trip. He also had 3 cats!

3 - Music, I love music. I would rather have music on than the TV. As soon as I received my Apple G5 I enrolled in iTunes and downloaded a lot of songs, and have ripped many others too! Whenever I am working in my studio I have music on, either through my computer or my 3 disk changer.

4 - I love chocolate, but chocolate doesn't love me. So I have to be careful how much I eat. I think all the vitamins should have been put into chocolate.

5 - I am the youngest of three girls. My father's brother had 3 boys. I love my sisters and enjoy when we can get together.

6 - I grew up in Detroit, on 25th street. Moved to Martindale street, then out to Dearborn Heights, then to Livonia where I owned my first house. Now I live in Shelby Township with Ken and our three cats.

7 - Given a choice, I always pick blue. Next would be green.

I am on the road so I can't post any photographs.

Cathy 2 /22/ 09