Monday, February 2, 2009

The Chocolate Garden - Notes From the Road

I have passed this sign on the road many times. Exit 39, turn left to The Chocolate Garden. Sounds wonderful! Unfortunately it is winter here in Michigan and there is snow everywhere and not a garden in sight, a few forlorn looking leafless vineyards, but no gardens with lovely chocolate truffles standing in delightful rows. It was early, so we pulled off of I-94 at exit 39 and headed for the garden. Those of you who follow the Food Channel might have caught the show showing how they make their truffles.

It is a small shop in a rural setting. Not anything like what you would expect from a famous truffle maker. The truffles looked wonderful and we each picked out our favorites. I had noticed a wonderful weathered barn along the drive and I asked if I could take a few photos of it. I also took several photographs of some feathers in the snow. We decided to save our truffles for later on our trip.

It is very cold to be out photographing lighthouses. The coldest was at Point Betsie Lighthouse which is just above the beach at Point Betsie, north of Frankfort. The wind was brutal. I put on my yaktracks to keep from falling on the frozen snow, my ear covers, hat and gloves. It was still extremely cold and dangerous along the waters edge which is frozen and slick. The cold seemed to drain the life out of my battery in record time. So back to the car.

This was our 6th lighthouse on this trip. One more to go and then back home.

Update: 2/05/09

Just a note: The truffles were wonderful! The Chocolate Garden will be a stop whenever I am in the area.