Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hello, My Name is Bentley.......

Yes, my name is Bentley, I lived in a nice house. But one day I was taken to this strange place, put inside a cage. That was the last I saw of my family.

The cat in the cage next to mine, told me his family had moved and not taken him with them. I wonder if that is what happened to me.

I was taken to another building where they said I would be tutored, or did they say neutered. Then I was taken back to my cage. Where I sat for a long time. Some of the cats found families, others that stayed too long moved back from the cage door, moving further and further away from being friendly.

Then one day a man looked into my cage. He smiled, he seemed nice so I tried to play with him.  Then a lady joined him and looked at me and said, "Hi Snowball."

I meowed and said, "My name is Bentley! "

My friend in the next cage said to act nice and maybe they will take you home. Well being nice was
easy because I am nice.

I am going with them!

Not sure how things will work out, so come back to see more posts.

Bentley 11/ 18 / 2014


  1. Every time I go to Petsmart I visit the cats that are there for adoption... Lately there are so many of them that have been abused to the point where they have to be the only cat in the rescuer's home... I am glad u gave Snowball a forever home...

    1. If it wasn't for the vet bills, I would have more than 3 cats.

    2. At one time, there were so many cats that had been abandoned due to the owners foreclosing, not being able to afford to care for, or just not caring... I will never understand how someone could just abandon an animal.. yes, vet bills can be high..My cat vet charges $60 for an office visit.. but she's open 7 days.. can't complain about that..She's a great advocate for cats.