Tuesday, March 8, 2011

To Twitter or Not to Twitter?

I don't know how you felt when you opened your shop with Etsy or Artfire. I didn't know anything about setting up a shop, nothing about online e-commerce, would I need a webmaster to do it? Would anyone look at it? How do you collect the money?

Before I joined Etsy I did get a website, and I had a Business Paypal account and an email account set up by my webmaster. It was still a slow process for me. What to add to my shop. Now I add images that are new and sometimes different than what I sell at Art shows. I love the creativeness that Etsy has given me to try different things. There is so much to do now during the winter off-season. I also love the world-wide market place Etsy has opened up for me to sell my cards and photographs in. And still have the Shop Local option, for Michigan sales.

I am now in the process of converting some of my old negatives to digital, a very slow process, some of them aren't in as good of condition as I hoped they would be in. An example is the blue boat above, taken in 1985, in Connemara, Ireland, on a rainy afternoon. The old boat has been retired. The grounds landscaped and the Abbey enlarged. New boats are in its place, nice boats, but without the character the old boat had.

I recommend Handmadeology, Facebook, and Twitter to new people to e-commerace whether it is Etsy, Artfire, or one of the card companies.

Cathy March 8, 2011