Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2008 Is Over

Don't be upset, the old year is gone, the tree is put away, the house is back to normal. Well, almost back to normal. 2009 is a clean slate, with as many possibilities as we can think of. As a photographer I hope the economy picks up, not just for me, but for the many artists and friends on places like Artfire, Etsy, and 1000markets who support their families with sales on these sites.

Coming from a Ford family, I hope the Big 3 will pull out of their slump. Not for Mr. Ford, Chrysler or GM, but for all the families that work for them, for the suppliers, the dealers. Let's not forget the people that depend on their business. Take one of the auto companies out of the equation and hundreds of thousands of jobs will be lost as a direct results, and many more from an indirect results.

Soon we will have have a new President. It no longer matters if we are from a blue or a red state. We need to work together, and give him our full support.

I have faith in God and Mr. Obama that things will get better.