Thursday, April 25, 2013

Statue of Liberty and 9/11 Manhattan Memorial

On my last trip to the Jersey Shore, I discovered that we would  be close to New York City.  The Statue of Liberty has been on my Bucket List for a few years. My big problem is, after years of watching Law and Order, plus Blue Bloods I was a little apprehensive to go there.

I tried to find a hotel in Jersey City that would shuttle us over to the 9/11 Memorial or Battery Park so we could take a ferry to Manhattan. I looked into the subway, I heard the stairs were terribly steep. I also looked into taking a ferry over to Battery Park. It turned out that the hotel I booked in Jersey City was very close to the Holland Tunnel. After a long debate DH and I decided to use the Holland Tunnel.

With a map of where to park and how far it was to the 9/11 Memorial we took the tunnel. Found that it was fairly easy ride into Manhattan and just as easy going south. We found the parking lot and walked to the memorial.

South Tower - the largest made made waterfalls.

North Tower

Statue Of Liberty and the Winter Garden

Cathy Gangwer 4 / 21 / 2013