Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spotlight On Kelly Of AttitudesOfRed

Hi, I am Kelly, of AttitudesOfRed. I started my Etsy shop late last year, but began beading long before that. I started beading with a good friend, just as something fun to do, then continued to make jewelry to match certain outfits. I work outside the house full time, and have a husband and two small kids, so my daily life keeps me busy. Now I bead to have time to myself and the peace and quiet that comes with it.  

The name of my shop comes from my lovable and spunky red-headed daughter. She helped me realize that my mood and attitude are what determines what jewelry I am going to wear on any given day. My physical shop is wherever I can find a free minute to work, usually after everyone is in bed and the house is quiet.

I enjoy getting to know other crafters on Etsy, especially those local. I have learned so much from them, and hope to continue to, and to grow my online shop. Thanks for checking it out!

Thanks, again.