Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Computer Is Back!

After 5 and a half days I think my computer is back to stay! Up until Saturday it was spending more time at the Apple store than in my home. Friday afternoon they decided to reinstall Snow-Leopard and I agreed to do the transfer of my files using a firewire. Saturday when I got to the store I was informed that my computer had a problem and I was given a new one to take home.

New, in a sealed box. This one is quiet.

The only problem, I have I never set up a computer from scratch. So it has taken me a while to get all my music over, reinstall Elements 8, Lightroom, iWork, and the driver for my printer. I still have to find my bookmarks and set up the scanner.

The above photograph of Scotland looks a lot bluer on screen than it really is due to the lighting! See photographs just below.

I am happy to be back online, on my computer.

Cathy 1 / 21/ 10