Sunday, September 16, 2012

Celtic Cat Is Back!

My world was shrinking, my Celtic Cat Photos blog shrunk down to so small a size I couldn't read it on my iMac. It made it hard to work on my blog, even the plus key didn't help, the writing was so small all it enlarged was unreadable words.

Of course I blamed, they did something that ruined my blog.

Well yesterday I was working on the notes to my editor for my next book. I ran my fingers over the wireless mouse. Zap! The notes were shrunk down to a tiny size. I realized that the problem was something that I had caused.

So today I called Apple, had a lot of trouble because the auto-voice and I weren't getting along. Finally, a real person came on the phone. I explained to him what had happened. I figured he would laugh at me. No, all he said after I gave him the serial number of my computer, "Hit the control button and scroll on your wireless."

The whole page became bigger like it used to be....miracle....I am back in business, I can complete the notes for my editor and get back to working on my blog.