Saturday, February 12, 2011

To Watermark Or Not To Watermark?

I spend a lot of time on Etsy, I find that I could stay at my computer 24/7, and still not do everything I need to do on Etsy or Thistle and Shamrock Publishing. I have to limit my time, do the most important thing first and then go to the next most important one. But from time to time I like to take some time off and browse through what is listed in the Photography Gallery on Etsy. I have never been able to get into a Gallery, not that that is all bad. I have only heard a few good things about them, and many more bad things.

Often in the Gallery I will see watermarks on the Photographs. I have seen discreet to bold across the photo marks. If the photograph is sized at 72 dpi and lowered to medium size I don't see a reason to watermark a photograph. If someone wants to take the time, the watermark can be removed. I have to admit that sometimes I put my shop initials on a photo, never in the center, never at the edge, it is small and in a place it would be harder to remove it from.

When I do Treasuries I never select a photograph that has a blatant watermark on it. It takes away from the beauty of the photograph when you see the watermark first, and then the image.

Happy V-Day everyone!

Cathy 2 / 12/ 11


  1. I could see watermarking for exhibiting on sites like this and as far as the photos for sale, it can be removed...I have a friend who only watermarks when she shows her photos on sites like this, I do it too.. btw I love that photo of the lighthouse on your sidebar!. U can fade out your watermark so it blends in..

  2. Cathy, I watermark mine both on Etsy and Flickr. Even though they can still be taken, it would take more time to make them usable or salable by someone else. I look at it like the old "locks only keep out honest people".

    I too love that lighthouse in the sidebar, one of my favorites of yours.

    Peace and happy weekend, Judi

  3. My interest was peaked by Thistle and Shamrock Publishing, so cool to know a soon to be famous author!
    When will the book be out and where will I be able to get a copy? You must be so excited.

  4. I watermark on Flickr, because I pulled a couple of my photos off it, and found they were small but perfect.

    Yes! Very excited!

  5. I watermark even though a professional can take them right off. I don't mind if people are "borrowing" my work for their personal computer. And if the watermark is visible, perhaps they will remember me. Now, what is this about being published! Woot!

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography

  6. Hi Cathy, I'm a new follower here.
    I make antique style spun cotton ornaments and sell them on etsy. Last year a lady copied a few pictures of my ornaments and mailed them to another artist on etsy to see if she would make them cheaper for her. She didn't get those ornaments made, but now that other artist in florida is a very good friend of mine!

  7. Mary, what a terrible thing for that person to do. Glad some good came out of it!