Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It Is Official!

Michigan Finn, Whorton Willy and of course Punxsutawney Phil all agree that this morning they saw their shadow and we will have 6 more weeks of winter.

Well we are on the down side of winter and by St. Pat's Day it will be warm again.

Have a great week everyone!

Cathy 2/ 2/ 10


  1. beautiful, black velvet. i'd snuggle w/him too!.

  2. That's Michigan Finn. He is a real sweetie!

  3. soooo cute! just wish he didn't see his shadow:)

  4. Awww, cute kitty! Too bad about the shadow though.

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  5. I was surprised that anyone could see their shadow on that gloomy day. But the sun came out just long enough to keep spring off for 6 weeks!

  6. Cathy, nice to meet you! I'm not a photographer, but I work with them all the time, I'm a designer. Share with you the love for Ireland and celtic culture. I'll be back to see everything!
    And I'm inviting you for a nice cup of coffee and some chat at my Quintal da Paula (Paula's backyard).
    Best regards from Brazil!

  7. Hello Paula, have a seat. And here is a nice cup of coffee. Enjoy!

  8. I really hope all the critters are wrong! Enough with this cold. I love this photo of Michigan Finn! He reminds me of me lately--trying to keep warm.

  9. Only 5 more weeks of winter, hang in there!