Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Flea Market or Art Show - Craft Shows 101

I want to say right off, I am not knocking Flea Markets. Just that at Flea Markets buyers are looking for bargains. As Artists we don't markdown or make bargains with shoppers. So the best place to show off our artwork is at an Art & Craft or Fine Art Show. To keep your booth table from looking like a Flea Market it is best to have a display that shows off your work to its best advantage.

Photographs can be shown in bins, or some kind of racks, or on display boards, fabric sides, or pegboards that can be free standing or attached to the sides of a tent. Jewelry should be displayed on racks with many of the items right on the table. Jewelry is easy to palm so it is best to have it attached to the display in some way. Pottery and ceramics are displayed on shelves.

Tip #1: Buy at a local office supply store a money pen, that will help detect counterfeit money. They cost about $3 and you get 3 pens. I use it on big bills and now and then on the $20 bills

Cathy 1/ 12/ 09


  1. Thanks, Cathy, good advice. Love the photo!

  2. Thank You for stopping by, Judi! It is one of the negatives I digitized this year. On a walk to dinner I took the photo of the north coast of Scotland.

  3. So true! When I first started selling I tried flea markets and soon discovered that was not the place to be with handmade jewelry.

    I never knew we could buy those pens! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great tips! Now I just need to get out there and apply to a few shows!

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  5. Great tip! I haven't yet tried to sell at either one of them.

    Also good to check the 20's, they're the most counterfieted bill in the world.