Thursday, October 22, 2009

Detroit Born and Breed

Come take a walk down memory lane with me!

I live in the suburbs, but I grew up in Detroit, 25th Street, and later Martindale Street off of Grand River. If you know the inner city these streets mean something to you. The reason I was thinking about growing up in Detroit is because I decided I wanted to get some photographs of the Eastern Market area. I haven't been there in over thirty years. I was hoping to find the building that housed a Halloween party my father took me to years ago. If you can call it a building, since it has no sides.

Detroit has changed! The old train station is falling apart and most likely has a date with a wreaking ball. The last wall of Tiger Stadium was torn down this summer. Once beautiful Scott Fountain is a mess, rusting and falling apart. So I half expected the Eastern Market to
be gone too.

To my surprise it was still there. Bigger then I remembered it. I had to look for the original building, I found it. It is the first black & white photo above. DH took the different sign photos. During the week it is pretty quiet at Eastern Market, but during the weekend it is a bustling area selling in-season fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Cathy 10/23/09


  1. Love the black and white of the bridge. Great geometry and composition!

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography
    Blog of Note

  2. Great shots! The black and white one is my favorite!

  3. It does look good still. great photo!

    It is so sad how Flint and Detroit are falling apart. I went back to Flint in the late 80's and was shocked by all the boarded up business downtown. Just plain sad!

  4. Beautiful photos of Detroit! Your name was passed to me as someone who might be interested in being an exhibitor at the 2009 Oakland Steiner School Holiday Bazaar - Saturday, November 21, 2009 from 10am to 4pm just West of you in Rochester Hills. After seeing your wonderful Etsy shops, I agree that your work would be a good fit! Please take a look at our website and consider registering for our event!

  5. Yes, these streets mean a lot to me--I think about Detroit a lot. I had a blast running these streets as a teenager. I've been wanting to write about it, but I've been gone so long it just doesn't seem right. I'd love to take a trip back before everything that I knew crumbles away. Thanks so much for sharing this.