Monday, September 7, 2009

Introducing Jim Finfera

Amalfi Coast

Jim is a member of POE, Photographers of Etsy Street Team. He is an accomplished photographer living in Florida, his Etsy shop Finfera has some amazing work in it. Rather than tell you about Jim, I am going to let him speak for himself.

"I am now 66 years old and am in the twilight of my life. I wore many hats in the span of over 40 years. Aside from being a husband, father, and grandfather, photography is my passion. They say that an artist cannot stop being an artist no matter what...even if she or he does not sell anything or hardly anything. Well then by that definition I must be an artist...I cannot and will never stop taking pictures."

"My desire is to do with my photographic art work what Norman Rockwell did with his paintings. These photographs here on Etsy and on my web site ( are a collection of my favorites, with my thoughts, from over 40 years of professional photography. My desire is to share with you the beauty of God, as shown through all aspects of His magnificent creation. Everything in this life and on this blessed planet reveals some mystery of our beloved Creator. Everyone is welcomed to share in my artwork: Jews, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, those of any beliefs, and those of no beliefs. Our good God is not as interested in what you believe, but what is in you heart."