Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Royal Café and Birthday Cake Ice Cream

Another great find right in my own backyard!

No, not this lovely iceberg. This photograph was taken on a June trip to Newfoundland.


Royal Café & Ice Cream, 770 Auburn Road, Downtown Utica, Michigan

You can't beat Hershey's ice cream. It is delicious, creamy and my idea of comfort food. I love the Birthday Cake and Road Runner Raspberry. If you live in the Utica or East Michigan area stop and try some. I think you will make it a regular stop.

Cathy 7 / 22/ 09


Edelweiss, 34 East Ramona Avenue, Colorado Springs, Colorado

From the name you might have guessed that this is a German restaurant. The Triple Chocolate Tort will keep a chocoholic satisfied for a week. The food is good here too!


Piesano's Pacchia, 3618 Canyon Lake Drive, Rapid City, South Dakota

Why go to a chain pizzaria, when you can go to Piesano's. As their card say, 'Good Friends, Good Food, Good Drink'! Not only are their pizzas awesome, even better you can also have a choice of several Baltika beers from Russia. They also serve local beers, wine and soft drinks.



  1. Ooooo ice cream! Just had a big bowl last night of Ben and Jerry's vanilla heath bar crunch. My fave!

  2. My stomach is grumbling and I had to wipe the drool off my chin...thanks a lot, lol! :)

    PS Do you think you could express mail some of that ice cream over here now?

  3. LOL! It might be a little messy!