Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sorry This is So Late

Julie Magers Soulen

Gypsy Msoon Design

I want to thank Gypsy Moon Designs and Julie Magers Soulen Photography for nominating me for the "One Lovely Blog" award. Unfortunately, at the time I was sick. More on this on my next blog post. I couldn't let their kindness go by without thanking them.

It is really a lovely award! Thank You friends!

Cathy 6/21/09


  1. Congratulations Cathy, You richly deserve the award.
    TY for dropping by, Yes,Time does literally fly doesn't it!!.Lindax

  2. Cathy, thank you! I hope you feel better real soon! Cyber Hug!!!

  3. Cathy, sorry to hear you are "under the weather" so to speak; hope you will feel better very soon.

    Congratulations on the blog awards, well deserved!

    Peace, Judi

  4. So sorry to hear you were under the weather! Hope you are feeling much better! Thanks so much for the feature!!