Friday, May 15, 2009

Tuesday Morning Artist's Coffee Club

Welcome to the first Tuesday Morning Artist's Coffee Club. This is a spotlight for outstanding and very talented Etsy and 1 MK members. We will be spotlighting team members, friends, artists who understand their craft, in body the spirit of friendship, and help we share with each other here online.

San Diego Skiline

Come on in and take a seat, if you don't drink coffee we have tea too. Oh, just push the cat off the chair!

My first spotlight is on Rhonda in San Diego - Rareimage and Julie in Loveland - Julie Mager Soulen Photography, two very talented Photographers.

Please after seeing this sample of their work, check out each artist's shop.

Rareimage: Starfish In Color

Julie Magers Soulen Photography

Rawah Columbine

Evening Fog


  1. Thank you Cathy for spotlighting my work. I am really honored to be on your blog!!!! Beautiful page.

  2. Wonderful artists you've featured! I enjoyed my visit to your Artist's Coffee Club. I snuck in a little slice of cake while I was here sipping my coffee. Hope that's ok :)

  3. Thank you so much for spotlighting my work! You rock!

  4. I am late! I hope there is some coffee still brewing!

    Love the photos. The columbine is stunning!

    I also noticed my flower earrings are in your favorites, I am so honored! Thank you!

  5. Oh yes, still plenty of fresh coffee!

  6. Well done! Both lovely and deserving ladies with *gorgeous* photography!

  7. I am very late for the coffee, but enjoying the post. Two great photographers with so many wonderful images. Thanks for sharing them with us!

    Peace, Judi

  8. Judi, I will be happy to get out some brownies and brew another pot of coffee!

  9. awesome blog! I am now one of your followers!