Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Card Maker of the Month Kat Wauters of H20Works

I’m Kat Wauters. Mom, Wife, Graphic Designer (in no particular order, lol). In past lives I have been, a waitress, a bartender, a telemarketer (for only a day, I was not cut out for this job at all), a waitress again, a pizza chef, a Home Interiors saleslady (home parties), a “real” Interior Designer (went back to school, got a degree), and I owned my own faux-finishing business. Then I got my first computer (went back to school again), discovered Photoshop, and it’s been graphics, advertising and marketing ever since. I worked for Lamar Advertising, the national “Outdoor Advertising” company for 5 years, designing billboard art. It was a hoot, going down the road, seeing my larger than life works of art, screaming out, “I did that one! I did that one!” I think this is what I was meant to do all along. I remember watching Bewitched as a girl and thinking I would like Darren’s job. :)

 I have two shops on Etsy. My first is . It has evolved thru the past 3 years (as much as 10 categories would allow me) into a few different things, but my steadfast product has always been Mini-Notecards. Yep, this is me, I go from designing 30 ft billboards to designing 2 inch Mini-Notecards! I just love coming up with cool designs for them. I am kind of an amateur-professional photographer, so I have a lot of prints in my shops that you can get as ACEOs, greeting cards or larger prints too.

My Other Shop: 


  1. Thank you so much for asking me to do this interview, I am honored. Your blog is beautiful as is your work Celtic!

    Love, Kat

  2. Kat interesting article. Neat that you worked on the outdoor billboards.

  3. Kat, you are Welcome and Thank You for your kind words.

  4. Roxanne, Thank You for stopping by.

  5. Great feature. I'm a fan of Kat's other shop,

    Lots of great digital downloads, backgrounds and clip art. Plus she does gorgeous banners and avatars for other Etsy sellers.

    Go Kat!

    My Sweetie Bean

  6. cool, mamak! You really have done so much!
    Love that you see the billboards and know they are your works of art! Great interview!
    Jul's Sew Crazy

  7. What a great interview! Those mini-cards are wonderful...thanks for sharing Kat with us, Cathy.
    Peace, Judi

  8. Thank You for shopping by and commenting everyone!

  9. Fab post. Great to 'meet' you Kat! Thanks for sharing, Cathy.

  10. Thanks MontyandRosie for shopping by!